The Mission


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for anyone suffering with acute or chronic illnesses and or disabilities specifically focusing on those on dialysis treatment. Tootie’s Transportation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals who suffer from end-stage renal failure and their families by providing safe, affordable, empathetic transportation services. We pay special attention to the dialysis patient needs by implementing services that foster health,wellness and well being in each patient.



The HopeIMG_0923-2-960x640

Our hope is that we make a difference in someone’s life today!  It is the wish of every end-stage renal patient that one day their dialysis treatment will no longer be needed, but until that time patients should receive the best care in every area of the dialysis process. Tootie’s Transportation has put a lot of thought in the needs of transporting our clients and for us the most important question is Simple; How can we meet the small needs of each patient while giving them a relaxing, comfortable, affordable ride and make a difference in their lives today? It is Tootie’s Transportation’s hope that we will satisfy this question for every patient that chooses our service for their non-emergency medical transportation needs. If you are a dialysis patient and would like a transportation service that has a heart to go beyond basic transportation, choose Tooties Transportation.